Road Update

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The roads were recently graded, and gravel has been added to several areas depending on need. A full update of the work done will be provided in the coming days.

Road Policy

The board strives to make improvements to the ranch that benefit all landowners. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining ranch-owned roads.

Basically, the policy is simple in that the Board does not assume responsibility to maintain our roads to county specifications. It is cost prohibitive to invest the funds required to meet those specifications.

It is important to remember that these are private roads and are not maintained by the county. They are maintained by our dues and funds generated from the cattle program.

Owner Responsibilities

Please, understand that our roads cost the Bar D Owner’s Association a very large amount of money each year, and we can’t throw more and more money at them. It is up to every owner to be responsible and to help maintain the roads.

This means, simply, to SLOW DOWN! Driving at high speeds causes several issues:

  • Gravel is knocked off of the road and into the irrigation ditches where it has no value to us. We may as well not even bother to spend money on gravel and have it spread if it just ends up on the side of the road after a couple of weeks.
  • Wash boarding is caused by driving fast on the roads and changing speeds when making turns or going up and down hills. Because of the many years of grading, we are down to bare rock in many areas, and grading is not an option in some areas. To fix the problem would require a huge investment in fill dirt, more gravel, lots of water to help get the gravel into the dirt, and compactors to build a new road base. With the limited budget of the board, we just do not have that option.
  • Dust is kicked up and impacts everyone that lives along the main roads. Please respect your neighbors.

Road work is very expensive, and we all need to respect the investments made in the roads so that we do not harm all of the owners that depend on the roads. Again, please respect your neighbors and do your best to not do more damage to the roads than what is expected from normal wear and tear.

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