Snow Removal Contact

After lots of work, we have executed a contract with Del Solar Plow out of Breckenridge. They will plow the main roads of the Bar D at the direction of the Bar B board, only.

Del Solar Plow will, for a fee, also plow private driveways. Every owner will be responsible for negotiating with Del Solar Plow and paying them, directly, for private work.  Please contact them at if you would like to explore this option.

We have decided to go with a contract with Del Solar Plow for a few reasons:

  • The grader is in a significant state of disrepair and is not trustworthy or dependable.
  • The Bar D does not have appropriate insurance to cover the grader and the liability.
  • The Bar D does not have a qualified driver that can be available, as needed.

Please note that without an owner driving the grader to clear snow, we will face some other challenges, including:

  • Plowing will only be done after approximately 5 inches of snow is on the roads.
  • It may take up to 24 hours for the removal to start.
  • Snow drifts will still be a problem, but every effort will be made to place removed snow downwind.

NOTE: The current snow removal policy is to plow when there is 8” or more and within 48 hours. We will try to do better than the existing policy, but make no guarantees.

The goal will be to make the roads accessible to four wheel drive vehicles.

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