BDOA Board Status

Efforts are under way to assemble a new board for the Bar D Owners Association. Updates will be provided as they are available.

In the meantime, please make sure that you continue to submit your dues on time and also send in your Letter of Agency if you wish to continue participating in the Cattle Grazing program.

Keep in mind that without a board to properly contract for services, the Bar D Ranch is at risk. In particular, the snow removal contract is now null and void.

2/9 Update: Several members met to discuss how to move forward. Those involved will try to get an emergency membership meeting in the Como/Fairplay area for March 16th.

2/15 Update: Arrangements have been made for the meeting to be on March 17th from 10am until noon. The meeting will be held at the Como Civic Center.

2/19 Update: Meeting notifications emailed to known member email addresses. Meeting information posted on the website.

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