Emergency BDOA Member Meeting

Reason for Emergency Meeting

Several BDOA members are trying to establish a new BDOA Board and are requesting all available members to attend an emergency meeting to elect a new board.

All five members of the previous board resigned when it became clear to the board members that no degree of communication or planning would change harassing behaviors. Given violations of law and concerns over personal and property safety, all board members felt it was appropriate to resign rather than continue to volunteer time and expertise only to endure the deplorable behavior of a few individuals.

Meeting Information

March 17, 2019 at 10:00am – Noon

Como Civic Center

165 Spruce Street

Como, CO 80432


Nomination of Members – Please note that the Covenants and Bylaws define the following:

  • Board Composition: Five (5) directors who must be members of BDOA.
  • Membership is clearly defined in the Covenants and Bylaws as “Any person, persons, or entity purchasing property within the Bar D Ranch” and member rights are suspended if “in default in payment of assessments.”
  • Only the owner of record, as recorded by the Park County Assessors Office, or the proxy designated, in writing, by the owner of record may vote.
  • Each lot is entitled to cast a single vote. Owners of multiple lots may vote multiple times up to the number of lots they own.

Introduction of Nominees

  • Members may introduce themselves or designate another member to provide an introduction and explanation why the nominee should be elected.
  • Members may, as recognized, provide their input, as well.


  • Ballots for each board position will be provided for those present at the meeting.
  • In the event a majority is not available, remaining owners will be sent a ballot by email and USPS.
  • Emailed and mailed in ballots must be received by the deadline of April 13, 2019.

Post Meeting

As it is unlikely that we will have a majority of owners present and able to vote, the results will need to be collected until the deadline. Votes will be counted and verified by multiple BDOA members to ensure valid counts.

Results will be announced, and the new board will begin acting under its authority immediately upon completion of voting.

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