Snow Removal Update

Many of us saw one of the most significant storms in the last three Winters with 18+ inches of snow on the Bar D Ranch.

Snow Removal Contractor

Because of harassment issues, which caused the recent board resignations, the snow removal contractor refuses to work with the Bar D Owners Association, and they terminated their contract with the BDOA a couple of weeks ago.

Again, the actions of a few have harmed many of us. This deplorable behavior needs to stop.

Member Efforts

Special thanks should go out to Terry Pierce, Alan Thompson, Steve and Anita Wilson, and James and Amy Hileman. We might have missed somebody, and I hope that everyone involved understands how much we all appreciate their efforts.

Steve and Anita have made a special effort to make South Park Drive accessible, and Steve even plowed Bar D Road from South Park Drive to the front gate. Steve also went back and cleaned up those sections of road, again. The Wilsons gave a great deal of time, effort, and cost to do this work.

James and Amy Hileman did the same for sections of Reinecker Ridge Road and Clark. Not only did they get stuck, multiple times, and have to make special efforts to tow their own truck out of a couple of bad spots, they helped out Dave and Stacy on Lot 77. Dave and Stacy were unable to get out of their property until the Hileman family cleared snow and cleared their driveway enough to get them back out again.

Terry and Alan, well, they are Terry and Alan and always helping others.

Everyone should be applauded for their efforts.

Next Storm?

We have some more snow coming, and it looks like it might be ugly, as well.

These efforts underscore the importance of maintaining the BDOA and its board. However, if we are unable to establish a new board, and keep it, we will be forced to dissolve the BDOA, and it will be up to individuals to help out where they can.

Please keep the option of there not being a BDOA and a functioning board when it comes to harassing others on the Bar D Ranch. There is no room for the deplorable behavior we have seen in the past. It needs to stop.

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