Recent Board Work

As promised, we will continue to try to be more transparent about what we do, and the work of those that help.


Currently, the grader is running again. The road committee worked hard to identify somebody that could fix the flat tire issue that recently kept the grader from clearing some of the snow that still hasn’t melted. To fix a flat tire, we had to have a tube inserted into the flat tire. As you might imagine, that isn’t easy for such a large piece of equipment.

Yes, the grader got stuck for a few days on the side of Bar D Road. We won’t go into the details, but it took significant effort to get it back on the road.

Next steps, we have a mechanic coming to do a full assessment of the grader and to give us estimates to get it back up to par for the next season.


Yes, they are a muddy mess, but they are getting better. The ruts are horrible, but there isn’t much that can be done about it right now.

The Road Committee is working hard to come up with a plan to address the condition once the weather allows.

Rental Equipment

We tried, and spent great effort working the phones and email to try and rent some equipment to help move snow off of the road. The idea is to move the snow off of the roads, and well off, to prevent the melting snow from contributing to the mud.

So far, between insurance, and the fact that the BDOA is a non-profit owners association, it is very difficult to provide the information that commercial firms provide to rental companies. We continue to work on a longer term solution and want to establish an account with a company that can help us.

New Equipment

For those that do not travel the back of the ranch, be thankful. For those that do, we understand the pain. The grader is unable to move some snow from some areas, but we are working on a plan to acquire new equipment for the future to help mitigate some of these issues in future years.

The board is evaluating several options, and discussing those options with everyone on the Road Committee. Actually, the Road Committee is driving this, and doing a great job!


Hang in there, we are doing what we can to prepare for future years.

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