Bar D Updates

So far, so good. It was a challenging Winter. Thank you, everyone, for hanging in there.

It is time to start planning this Spring and Summer work and fun. Some items on the agenda include:

  • Grader –  The grader will be going to Buena Vista real soon to be evaluated and have some maintenance. At this time, the road committee feels it is best that we keep it.
  • Additional  Equipment – One thing we learned this Winter is that we need something more than the grader. The road committee has evaluated the options, and propose purchasing a wheeled front-end loader. It would be nice if we could get one with a backhoe, too. A good front-end loader would help us move snow well off of the roads, and would be a huge plus when it comes to doing some of the road work that is needed on Rainbow and Eagle, as well as something that could help us when it comes to replacing culverts.
  • Cattle– Terry Beckner was at the ranch this last weekend prepping for the cattle. We should start seeing the cattle this week. Alan has been checking the wells, and we need to start a major project and evaluate our perimeter fencing. On a positive note, with all of the snow and water, Terry may be able to bring more cattle than normal and help pay for some of the work.
  • Snow Fence – Snow fencing will be purchased, along with lots of t-posts to prepare for next Winter. We will be looking for some help to get it all in place.
  • Ranch Cleanup – Joan Hunter proposed that the Bar D pay to have a large roll-off dumpster brought in so people could do some cleanup and get rid of some of the garbage and crap that we all accumulate. It is a great idea, and we will look into the costs and restrictions. For example, we are pretty sure they won’t take old tires.

In other news, there have been a few lots that have sold so far this year. Let’s reach out to these new neighbors and say hello when you see them.

As always, please feel free to contact the board and give us your feed back, great ideas, and just general notes. Please use the website, here, or our email at

Here’s to a great Spring and Summer!

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