Water/Aqueduct/Pipeline Road

Many of us use the road that runs from Reinecker Ridge Road to Siever Drive to enjoy the beautiful scenery and to hike into Reinecker Ridge. We have enjoyed this scenic road access for many years.

Regrettably, access may be changing, soon.

Some of the people that have lived on the Bar D for many years may have gotten to know the Portice family, a well known and active family in the Como/Fairplay area.  They are starting to sell some more of their properties, and the one at the end of the Aqueduct Road is under contract. The property at 105 Portice Way, Schedule Number 3785, will be sold soon, once the potential new owners clear up some concerns.


One of their concerns is that so many people, Bar D residents as well as others such as hunters that come into the area via the Bar D roads, are trespassing on the property on a regular basis.

The potential new buyers have contacted the City of Colorado Springs and have imageexpressed their worry about the continual use of the road that is used by Colorado Springs to access and maintain the pipeline. Colorado Springs has agreed to put in gates at the location between the Adobe house owned by the Turks and the property, and they have also agreed to install a gate at the North end of the road where it crosses into BLM owned land.

Please understand, this is private land. They do have the right to prevent people from traversing their land. They, like many of us, want to enjoy their privacy and the benefits of the property away from the cities. After all, who doesn’t enjoy it out here?

Updates will be provided as available.

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