The Grader is Back! Or???

It was very gratifying to see the grader coming back to the ranch, yesterday. Several problems were fixed by the mechanic. While it took several weeks, it is great news for the ranch that the grader is in much better shape than it has been in several years.

Greg Hewitt will Grader2coordinate with the road committee and Celeste Jain to start the work on getting the roads cleaned up. Hopefully the ruts will be cleaned up soon, and we are hoping that Greg will be able to pull some of the road base from the ditches off the side of the roads to help get them crowned/slanted to allow better drainage.

Good news: It cost us WAY less than we anticipated.

Thank you, Celeste, for getting this work on the grader coordinated and Greg for helping to get it loaded and unloaded.

UPDATE: Since we got the grader back, it had another failure. The mechanic is trying to find the part. We will update as more information is available.

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