More Grader Challenges

The grader continues to drive us all a little crazy.

Since it came back from the mechanic, we had a new issue appear.

The hydraulic cooler failed – This led to other issues, including:

  1. Mechanic couldn’t find a replacement.
  2. Dave Walker found a replacement.
  3. Once the replacement was ordered, it took awhile to arrive.
  4. Then, we had to get the mechanic out to replace it.

If only this were the last of it. The first time Greg went to take the grader out, a hose broke free. Of course, that meant bringing the mechanic out, again. More delay. Then the grader would not start. More delay.

Would you believe the fix to the hose coming loose led to another issue? Well, that is the case that Greg found, today. The mechanic felt that the hydraulic fluid should be replaced with a lighter fluid that would not create as much pressure. Well, less hydraulic pressure led to the current issue with the grader which limits it from climbing the hill on Bar D Road up to Clark.

Short version: Greg was only able to plow the front side of the Bar D. We are all incredibly frustrated.

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