Bar D Ranch–An Adoption

Some of you may have noticed a cute backhoe nestled in the grader barn next to the grader. 1117453ba9041c9-7a91-4a7f-8f57-ff6906f52de5

After several months of going back and forth and researching our options, we closed the deal and this new backhoe needed a home. It was a perfect match.

This backhoe has hydraulics on the front that can be used to angle a blade. Once we get a blade for it, we will be able to use it in the event the road grader is not available, like right now.

This backhoe is a 2016 model, and still has a warranty on it. If all goes well, it should last a couple of decades and be a very valuable asset for the ranch.

The road grader? Yeah, it runs, but not well. It appears that the transmission was not fixed properly, and the lower gears are not available, which means we can’t get the grader up the hill to the back side of the ranch.

We have brought in another mechanic, and they are doing a workup on the cost of repairing the transmission.

As always, we will keep everyone up to date.

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