Weather Damage

For those that were not at the Bar D Ranch this last weekend, it would be a mixed blessing. The weather dealt a few people some significant damage between the incredibly high winds that gusted over 77 mph, and the blowing snow and ice. Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Several residents were unable to get back to the ranch before HWY 285 was closed due to the ground blizzards and ice covering 285 from Jefferson to Fairplay. Some residents were stranded in Fairplay, and others were stranded on the other side of Kenosha pass.

Some people lost livestock to the harsh weather, some had smaller shelters blown over, some had siding ripped off of their homes. Pieces of metal roofing blew over a mile away.

The board recommends that you make a visit to the ranch to assess any damage that you may have suffered. You may also, if not a frequent resident, want to work with a local company that can come and check on your property and help with repairs.

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