Why Do We Need the BDOA?

In recent years, we have heard several people ask why we should even have a Bar D Owners Association.

Aggregation of Resources

The BDOA can collect resources and pool them on behalf of the owners. For example,

  • Dues – The power to assess, collect, and spend monies collected from owners.
  • Cattle Lease – The ability to contract with a rancher to lease out owners’ land and use the money collected to benefit the owners.


Without the BDOA, there would be no legal entity that can be held accountable to enforce the Covenants and Bylaws and to lead projects to improve our roads and the roads leased by the BDOA.


Without the BDOA, we would not be able to contract with outside entities. For example:

  • Cattle grazing rights
  • Road right of ways from BLM
  • Road right of ways from State Forestry
  • Purchase of fuel, and other needed resources
  • Purchase of services such as equipment rental and maintenance of BDOA equipment
  • Road use agreements with individuals not part of the BDOA

Engage with Government Agencies

The BDOA is able to work with multiple different Government agencies on behalf of the owners. For example:

  • Negotiate agricultural discounts for property taxes
  • Work with Parks and Wildlife to control hunting
  • Lease land from the State Forestry service for recreational use
  • Lease road right of ways from the BLM and State Forestry
  • Maintain records required for different Government Agencies


If we did not have the BDOA, we as individuals, would not be able to:

  • Collect and use funds to maintain roads and perimeter fencing
  • Contract with vendors for services
  • Keep our current Cattle Grazing contract
  • Contract with a rancher in the future
  • Keep our Agricultural status and would have increased property taxes
  • Keep our leased roads and right of ways
  • Keep exclusive recreational use of the lands we lease

Most importantly, our property values would decrease, tremendously, and the ability to sell properties would be significantly reduced because lending agencies require documented access to properties.

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