2020 Dues Update

Thank you to the Bar D Owners Association (BDOA) members that paid their dues on time this year.

This year, we only had ten owners fail to pay their dues on time. Since then, one more owner has paid their dues with the proper late fees.

Please note, we are not able to properly file Letters of Agency for properties that are in arears. The latest we can possibly file LOAs to ensure that owners receive the proper agricultural discount is by the end of April. We really hate to see owner’s lose their Ag exemption and get charged higher property tax rates by Park County.

We also, absolutely hate to have to file lien paperwork with Park County if we do not receive dues according to the terms of the Covenants and Bylaws. The paperwork takes considerable time on part of the board, and removing liens also takes a significant effort.

Please make sure to get dues sent in.

Thank you,

Your Board

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