Water Wells–Cattle

A quick update on the cattle program. We had a couple of well issues that impacted the cattle.

Well by Lot 47 – This well had an issue with the float valve. The valve was shorted or stuck in a way that it did not let the pump for the well turn on. For the short term, we rewired the pump so that it was always on. We later replaced the float valve.

Well by Lot 33 – This well stopped pumping and several residents tried to troubleshoot it while we waited for a well pump company to evaluate it. Eventually, we concluded that the solar panel was not working properly, and it was replaced. The well pump is working again and water is being pumped for the cattle. Solar Panel

Many thanks to the residents that all stepped up and tried to help. Our appreciation goes out to:

  • Alan Thompson
  • Dave Walker
  • James Hileman
  • Jim Walton
  • Joshua Baker
  • Terry Pierce

We would also like to point out that Gene Cartwright, Lot 16, opened up his property so that the cattle could regain access to the springs in that area. Gene’s assistance is greatly appreciated. On a side note, Gene and Darlene just completed the sale of Lot 16, so there will be new owners at that property in the near future.

We have some great owners out here that do everything that they can to help the BDOA!

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