Sept 5, 2020 Workday

We had an incredible turn out for today’s workday at the Bar D Ranch. Thanks to everyone that made it. 

We put in 17 rolls of snow fence, and gobs of t-posts. While we didn’t get as much work w1done as everyone wanted, we accomplished a great deal of work today, and we had a great time doing it.

Nineteen of the owners showed up, hammered in t-posts, lugged around rolls of snow fence, and stood it up. Several rolls went on South Park Drive, several rolls went up on w4Clark, and a couple went up along Bar D Road by the hill.

We hope the new snow fence helps reduce drifting in these key areas, and if it is effective, we will put up more snow fence this coming year.

While we hoped to deploy fencing in a couple of additional areas, we ran out of fencing and wire to tie the fencing up to the posts. We drove in some extra posts in areas where we will want to put in some more fencing in the future, though, to take advantage of the great turnout.

Again, thanks, everyone!

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