Snow Removal Status

We are incredibly frustrated to report that, due to vandalism and harassment, the Ranch’s hired snow plow contractor is unable to continue work for the time being.  Over the past several weeks, our plow operator has noticed an increasing number of issues with the equipment, including loosened fittings, hydraulic fluid leaks, flat tires, etc, as well as an escalation of harassment. However, we experience a new level of this criminal behavior yesterday when a note was left on the equipment, “Stop Work” (see photo below), and the tires were newly deflated.


The plowing contractor is, obviously, apprehensive and would like a full mechanical evaluation of the equipment and assurance that we are able to stop the vandalism before he will operate the equipment, again. 

The Board, and others,  are working to notify the authorities based on leads we have as to who is responsible for the vandalism.  Please notify us with any additional information you may have that can help us correctly address and rectify the situation. This behavior is criminal in nature and can’t be tolerated by the community.

We are working towards repairing the equipment and continuing as soon as we can with snow removal.

Please understand that we are very concerned about the safety of the equipment operators, the residents of the Bar D Ranch, and emergency response personnel.

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