BDOA Board Members

During the Annual Meeting, we had three elections:

  • Secretary
  • Member at Large
  • Cattle Manager

With the split between the Zoom attendees and those attending in person, we had a great deal of confusion around the Member at Large vote. After the confusion during the election, we had to make some decisions as the board in consultation with everyone involved.

Josh Baker will take on the role of Member at Large. Dan Demolli, Celeste Jain, and Bill Hooper will assist the board, and the Member at Large. Bill Hooper is a full-time resident and will also assist with equipment operation as his time allows, and he will also assist Alison Baker. While Bill and Dan’s roles are not formal, their participation is highly valued, and the board will listen, closely, to their counsel and input.

We are very fortunate to have such outstanding owners stepping forward to help, especially with the confusion around the election based on some people that were present in person and others present via Zoom.

Thank you everyone for your patience, and special thanks to those that have stepped up to help out.

The current board membership is as follows:

  • President: Russ Kaufmann
  • Treasurer: Stephen Winkler
  • Secretary: Daphne Patton
  • Member at Large: Josh Baker
  • Cattle Manager: Alison Baker

Note: Please refer to the communication plan located on this website in the Documents section and try to keep in mind that everyone involved is a volunteer.

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