Work Day–June 5, 2021


Thank you to everyone that participated this Saturday. We had some great people do some great work. Thank you to the owners of the following lots for contributing 4-5 hours of hard work:

  • Lot 5 – Russ and Annabelle Kaufmann
  • Lot 16 – Bill Hooper and Mauryan Halfacre
  • Lot 51 and 52 – Dan and Mary Demillo
  • Lot 65 – Steven and Lisa Armour
  • Lot 71 – Keith and Stacey Bushaw
  • Lot 94 – Stephen and Susan Winkler
  • Lot 96 – Terry Pierce
  • Lot 98 – Denis and Yolanda Meade

We managed to install over forty rolls of snow fence, and there will be some follow-up work to complete even more rolls over the next couple of days.

Special note: Bill Hooper has been taking on a major clean-up of the grader barn area, including hauling off the old culverts that have been there for two years.


The Bar D Owners Association will host a Work Day on June 5th starting at 10am. Our goal is to deploy approximately 40 rolls of snow fence in key areas around the ranch to mitigate snow drifts.

The BDOA will credit each lot $50 towards the annual dues for participation. We will also plan another work day later this summer, the date is TBD.

Please meet at the Bar D ranch at the grader barn at 10 am and make sure you sign-in so we can provide appropriate credit for participation.

Last year, we put out 17 rolls, so this will be significantly more work. However, with a good turn-out like last year, we should be able to get most of the snow fence installed.

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