Cattle Have Arrived

Five truckloads of cows and calves arrived today. It is a great time to watch the cattle 2021cows4being unloaded, then watching the cows bellow and the calves also making a racket. Somehow, all of the cows find their calves, and they pair up. Once they pair up, it gets much quieter.

As usual, please remember to be respectful of the rancher and his herd. They help us out in many ways, just as we help. To make it clear, the lease brings in money for the Bar D Owners Association, and participation in the grazing program makes it possible for 2021Cows1many of us to get an Agricultural classification for our land which reduces the property taxes by a significant amount.

This year, we will be seeing six new bulls. They are all younger, and smaller, than the bulls we have seen in the past. They will be arriving soon.

Please, do not harass the cattle, give them plenty of leeway on the roads, and, again, treat them with respect.

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